Job Hunting: A lot like Dating.

Trying to impress.
Trying to impress.

I’ve been job hunting for eight months. In November, I lost my full-time, 9-5 job where I’d worked for almost seven years.

Since then, I’ve been freelancing, helping clients with writing and editing, and I’ve been working retail part-time to make ends meet.

What I’ve come to realize is, looking for a job is a lot like looking for a mate.

Instead of scouring bars and bookstores for a hot guy, I’m obsessively searching every 10 minutes for new job postings.

If a job description catches my eye (as long as it sounds interesting and a little challenging), I save it for a closer look post-search.

I’ve given my resume several makeovers, and nearly performed plastic surgery on my cover letter in order to show off my best assets.

When a potential job says they’ll call, I wait by the phone, and double-check my ringer volume. I check my email constantly (it’s getting sad) for follow-ups, questions, or anything good.

When I’m lucky enough to get an interview, I dress to impress, I slap on that annoying fiber-lash mascara, and I smile until it hurts — first date style.

I even send thank-you cards.

I’m going through that same mental battle I go through with potential boyfriends: should I just be myself and hope they accept it, or do I put on the manners and sell out?

At this point, I’m totally selling out.

I’ll pretty much do whatever it takes to get a good job; one that I can enjoy (read: not hate) and one that at least pays enough to keep my lights on… and pays for a few martinis at Bar Louie.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t considered just searching for a sugar daddy; but I’m well-aware that it’s basically legal prostitution and I’d have to be better about hitting the gym.

Oh yeah, and losing any self-worth I’ve got left.

Plus, I might have just as much difficulty finding a guy to pay me as I am having a job to pay me. It’s really cutthroat out there.

Technology has changed the way we date, and it’s changed the job hunt, too.

I can’t tell you how many job portal profiles I’ve made, only to upload my resume, AND fill out all of my personal information and job history.

It’s a tedious task that pays no money — but I suppose it beats filling out paper applications.

Comparable to online dating, emailing potential suitors from Ok Cupid isn’t really my idea of sexy, but I can do it from the comfort of my bed while watching reruns on Bravo.

I can’t help but wonder if I did things old school, would I stand out from the crowd? You know, spritz my powder-blue resume with my favorite perfume a-la Elle Woods or send my cover letter written on the bottom of a Chuck Taylor (I was always told some cool kid did that to get accepted into college).

Should I overthrow technology, break tradition, and possibly get someone’s attention? It worked for Elle Woods…

But I know my life isn’t a movie — though my current schedule and takeout rituals look a lot like it — and I’ve really got to work to get something good.

Whether we’re talking about dating or hunting for jobs; it’s looking like I’m going to have to put my best foot forward and really put in the hours.

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