Fresh Friday: Someday.

Someday is today.
Someday is today.

How CUTE is little Biebs in that picture? Ah, the old days. Anyway, we’ll get to that in a second. Because it’s Friday, and that means Jurassic World comes out (!), and hey, I’ve got the day off, AGAIN!

I wanted to feature Justin Bieber’s earlier scent, Someday, for two reasons: 1. it was the first Bieber scent I got and I was obsessed over it, and 2. I’ve already featured his other two scents, and we’re just rolling right on through my perfume cabinet.

According to Fragrantica, “Aiming at girls from 14 to 18 years old, who make up most of his fans, the teen pop star Justin Bieber launches his first prestige market fragrance named Someday. Perfumer Honorine Blanc of Fiermenich created the fragrance as a delicious fruity – gourmand, appropriate for the age of its expected audience. Lance McGregor designed the ultra girly bottle with its stopper shaped as a flower of layered hearts and removable charms hanging from its neck. The print campaign is photographer by Terry Richardson, featuring Dree Hemingway.

Top notes: juicy mandarin, pear, wild berries. Heart: fresh jasmine and creamy flowers. Base: vanilla and soft musk.

Justin Bieber Someday is available as Eau de Parfum in bottles of 30, 50 and 100 ml, with products such as scented hair mist and body lotion.”

I like how they had to put the age group in there. Obviously I’m way older than 18, and I still love the stuff — it’s light, but it lasts all day.

However. There’s another story here. And that is this:


<<– That would be a JUSTIN BIEBER ALARM CLOCK APP!!! As soon as I saw it, I grabbed my phone and went to the app store to search for it.

I couldn’t find it (although I did find a ton of other Bieber apps), so I went to the website where I found it and clicked on the app from there.

And what pops up? Oh, but a message that says it’s not available in the US store? Um WHAT? Since when does the Internet only service certain countries? If they’ve got the app in Britain, I want access to the British App Store! This is complete CRAP!

Every girl around the world DESERVES equal opportunity to be woken up every morning by Justin Bieber! THE OUTRAGE. THE SUFFERING I HAVE GONE THROUGH. CRY FOR FREEDOM, CAN I GET THE JUSTIN BIEBER ALARM CLOCK?

Okay. I’ll leave it at that.

But let me know if you see it available in the US store.


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