Fresh Friday

Fresh Friday: Someday.

How CUTE is little Biebs in that picture? Ah, the old days. Anyway, we’ll get to that in a second. Because it’s Friday, and that means Jurassic World comes out (!), and hey, I’ve got the day off, AGAIN! I wanted to feature Justin Bieber’s earlier scent, Someday, for two reasons: 1. it was the […]


Fresh Friday: Omnia Crystalline.

Another week = survived. I don’t know if this happens to anyone aside from me, but whenever there’s a “short” week, I get my days completely messed up — not in the way you think, though. Since Monday was a holiday, you’d think Tuesday would feel like a Monday. No, my brain kept thinking Tuesday […]


Fresh Friday: Ezra.

IF YOU’RE READING THIS… I’M ON THE BEACH! And in honor of that, what better way to celebrate hot, shirtless dudes by having a scent profile of Abercrombie & Fitch’s elite perfume, Ezra?! I got a bottle of Ezra when I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch in college (stomping grounds for two years), and I’d […]