Things I’ve Learned from watching ‘Girls’

The cast of HBO's "Girls"
The cast of HBO’s “Girls”

I don’t have HBO (not yet, at least), but I kept hearing about how awesome “Girls” was… I had to see it for myself. So, I asked for it for Christmas, and I got the first two seasons on DVD. I started watching it immediately, and I finished both seasons in probably three days.

And just when you thought you couldn’t learn anything from watching TV, I’m here to prove you wrong, my friend. Here’s a few things I’ve learned from watching “Girls” — well, so far:

  • Everyone has a battle. Right in the pilot, one of the main characters, Hannah, loses her job (or her internship) and she gets cut off from her parents. So, she’s 24, living in New York, with no money. The struggle is real.
  • There’s that guy. At first I hated the character of Adam, because he treated Hannah like absolute shit. He reminded me of a few of my exes. Buuut, over the episodes, I’ve come to like him.
  • No one’s getting THE emails. I relate to Hannah the most because, well, she’s an aspiring writer, she’s got a decent case of OCD, and she constantly makes the WRONG decision. One thing I do when I read a great book is contact the writer anyway possible and tell them how great it was. Sometimes, I get a reply and it’s really nice, and other times I don’t hear back at all. It’s not about the reply; I just want the writer to know their work had an impact on me in some way. There’s a scene in season one when Hannah runs into a former professor of hers, and she tells him she was going to email him regarding his latest book, but she figured he already got a ton of “those” emails. “No one’s getting enough of those emails,” he tells her. Spread positive words, folks!
  • A significant relationship can last two days. In season two, Hannah meets a guy at the coffee shop and ends up at his house (to apologize for dumping the coffee shop trash in his trashcan). She goes inside, they talk, they have sex, and she stays there for two days. And then she passes out in his shower and shit gets weird, she leaves, and they never talk again. PREACH.
  • Abortions and miscarriages, they happen. Right in season one, we find out that Jessa is pregnant and she wants an abortion. While I’m not throwing abortion parties, I do appreciate the fact that a popular TV show had this as a main portion of its plot, because these things do happen, no matter what you believe. Her friends were there for her; and nature stepped in, anyway.

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