Here Comes the ( Bride.

I love Amazon, so I decided to marry it.
I love Amazon, so I decided to marry it.

I buy just about everything on Cat food, clothes, books, gifts, protein powder, makeup — I don’t know about you, but with the bargains, plus free shipping over $35, shopping in the store just isn’t worth it to me…especially with Baton Rouge traffic.

So, I thought, wow I love Amazon… but do I love it enough to get married in it?

And no, I’m not getting married. I probably won’t be married for another 36 years.

Any of my men readers might think I’m crazy for thinking about my wedding pre-boyfriend, but I can’t help it — I’ve warned you all that I’ve got a wild imagination.

So, has everything, but do they have everything for a wedding day? That’s what I went hunting for. This is what I found…

3c Canary Diamond Ring

For starters, I’ll need a ring (we’re already pretending that I have a boyfriend who reads my mind and gets me the ring I want), and I’ve wanted a canary diamond since I was a little girl. But everyone knows that if you go for the colored diamond, it’s got to be big.

My jaw dropped when I saw this 3 carat Canary Yellow Round Diamond Engagement Ring from Chance Diamonds. The Canary stone is 1c, while the white diamonds surrounding it makeup the other 2 carats. So gorgeous!

Here is what the description says, “Striking design with split-shank, this diamond engagement features a 1.0ct very well cut Canary Yellow center stone, and is set with over two hundred brilliant round side stones. Stunning when worn, this 3.0 ct tw beauty is sheer elegance. She will absolutely melt when she sees this ring, & she’ll truly be the envy of all her friends. We fabricate this ring in our own workshops to our exacting specifications, carefully choosing each stone to be set by our skilled diamond setters. The shank as shown is 14k white gold, with your choice of gold colors and upgrades available as well…

Pretty lace.
Pretty lace.

I actually saw several rings that I liked (and might consider purchasing for myself), including a Cognac diamond, and several rose gold rings (I am always on the lookout for something different).

As for a dress, well I have probably thought of about 25 different styles that I’d wear over the years. It changes often. It also depends on the guy, of course, and the kind of wedding. I really want to get married in Vegas, and if that happens then I NEED a gold sequined gown.

I also think it would be cool to get married at a vineyard, and the dress I picked today would be pretty for that. But I have always wanted my wedding to be fitting to me and my groom-to-be, so perhaps we’d be married somewhere meaningful to us (like Montana, if it’s John Mayer…).

I like the simple elegance of this one, despite the straight hem across the top. But I love how it was styled with the short veil and the sexy fingerless gloves. BLOOP!

The shoes pretty much fall under my same thoughts as the dress — the shoes depend on the dress and the location. However, I’ve always loved it when brides choose their shoes to be their “something blue.”


I chose these Badgley Mischka pumps, because I love the open sides and the rhinestone detail over the toe. While I love the blue, these also come in a gorgeous taupe that would be beautiful for a wedding, or hell, any day!

And while yes, I realize there is much more to planning a wedding than just browsing for the ring, the dress, and a pair of shoes online, it’s pretty cool that you COULD one-stop shop it, and for a pretty affordable price, if I might add.

I may never have the chance to get married, but if I do (teeheeeee), I might have to look on first!

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