Cowboy From Drewsey.

Nothing like a cowboy out West...
Nothing like a cowboy out West…

My job as an editor has its ups and downs, but one of the coolest things I’ve been able to do in the past year, is edit manuscripts. I’ve edited all sorts of different genres, but my favorite books to edit are the romance ones, of course. While all the books I edit aren’t great, most of the time, I catch myself wondering just how I got so lucky that I can read sexy books AND get paid for it.

One of my favorite books I’ve edited was this one by Patty Ann (sweetest client), called Cowboy From Drewsey. As Amazon describes it:

A serious online relationship quickly turns tempestuous once Cairn meets Cliff. His home sits deep inside the rugged terrain of central eastern Oregon. Cowboy country challenges the city girl in Cairn, but she is determined to prove herself tough. When a drastic happenstance brings Cairn’s best friend, Kelly, to this tantalizing outback, serendipity unfolds. This is a heart felt story of second chances, renewal, and love. It is an encounter that can happen to anybody, even to you!

Not only is this book filled with some sexy scenes (I won’t judge you if you have a pack of cigarettes nearby while reading), it’s also got some unexpected twists and turns to keep you on your toes! If you’re looking for a summer read (at only $5), download it today… and leave Patty a review. She deserves it!

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