Fresh Friday: Gold.

This is how I snuggle up, too.
This is how I snuggle up, too.

The scent this week is Gold by fashion designer, Michael Kors. He has a ton of different perfumes (I’m guessing to go along with his many clothing styles), so I’m sure you’ll be seeing his name on these posts quite often.

Cool bottle.
Cool bottle.

I’ve got a sample of Gold, and have been spritzing it on every morning for the past few days in preparation for this post — it’s a good scent!

It has been described as floral, tuberose (perennial plant related to the agaves), white floral, a little animalic, with a touch of amber. Gold was Michael Kors’ fragrance, launched in 2011, that features notes of freesia, violet, and magnolia, along with African orange flower, peony, musk, and woods (you know I love a little woods).

According to Makeup Alley, 90 percent of buyers would buy Gold again, describing it as sexy, sweet, big, and fresh.

From InStyle magazine in 2011: “Tuberose – Intoxicating. Loud. Sensual. Sexy. That’s how perfumers describe this heady white flower that can lend a creamy, almost coconut-like aroma to a fragrance, says perfumer Frederic Malle. If you love being in the limelight, this could be your calling card. “You can’t miss a scent with tuberose in it — it’s like saying, ‘I’m here, watch me!'” says perfumer Bruno Jovanovic. Michael Kors Gold. Mixed with magnolia and freesia, this blend offers a slightly lighter take on the classic scent. “It’s for the woman who perhaps hasn’t worn tuberose before because she thinks it’ll be too much,” says designer Michael Kors. “This is her entrée into a white floral.”

After wearing this perfume for a few days, I really do like it — I am a sucker for Kors — but I will admit that the scent fades around mid-afternoon.

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