Pic of the Week… & Another Giveaway!

June Tattly pack!
June Tattly pack!

Last week, I got my monthly subscription from Tattly in the mail, and I realized that although I am always posting pictures of my Tattlys on Twitter, I have never really mentioned them on my blog.

…Which is completely foolish, because getting a pack of Tattlys in the mail makes my day (and sometimes my whole week)!

So, what’s Tattly? Here’s what their website says:

Tired of putting poorly designed temporary tattoos on her daughter’s arm, Tina Roth Eisenberg took matters into her own hands. After soliciting a dozen world renowned artists and designers, hiring the first two team members, and learning what a temporary tattoo was actually made of, Tattly began moving at full force.
In July of 2011, Tattly launched online, featuring an all-star lineup of professional designers and illustrators. Starting with just a handful of designs, Tattly received thousands of orders from around the world.

So there you have it, Tattly is a company that makes temporary tattoos that look cool, and they’re fun. Plus, I like wearing the ones that say “Fuck Haters” under my long sleeves at work.

Made for me...
Made for me…

It’s my own, personal way of sticking it to the man.

And so, since I love Tattly so much, I wanted to share! Because of that, I’m giving away a $5.00 gift card to Tattly (which will get you a pack of two tattoos of your choice) — although may I recommend the Tangy Lemon Tattly?

Had to.

So, leave a comment by Wednesday night at 9 pm Central, tell me WHAT Tattly you’re going to get, and I’ll select a random commenter using Random.org. I will post the winner’s name and number on THURSDAY’S blog post, so be there!

Happy commenting!


  1. melissa

    i’m glad you posted this, as i don’t follow you on twitter… yet. i’ve been thinking about trying out tattly since ashton introduced me to the website last week. this is the perfect opportunity.
    i’m really digging the Floral Heart design.

  2. Charlotte | livingwellonthecheap

    OMG, love this! I am soooo not a tattoo kind of girl, but temporary tats?!? So fun! I think I’d choose the “everyday I’m hustlin” because obviously that’s my mode of operation.

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