Celeb Crush: Hangout Fest Edition.

As you read this, chances are solid that me, along with three of my girlfriends, have packed the Tahoe to its gills as only girls can—with too many bikinis, sunscreen, and unnecessary makeup, as we travel a few hours to Gulf shores for the best music celebration on the beach: Hangout Fest.

Aside from the hot guys I’m expecting to see in the Hangout Fest crowd, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ll be drooling over some on stage, too. And so I present, my list of celeb crushes that will be gracing us with their presence at Hangout Fest this weekend.

Hey girl, what up?
Hey girl, what up?

The Killers: Brandon Flowers 

Leave it to the frontman of The Killers to steal my heart in a cool, awkward way. He’s just 32 years old, putting him at the perfect age—plus, he’s got a summer birthday just like me. This is a match made in heaven and there’s no way you can convince me otherwise.

The downside? He’s totally married. With kids. Because of course he is. Complete buzzkill. But there’s no harm in looking, right?

Heh, heh.

But even more than the fact that he’s married, what bothers me about Flowers is that he told Rolling Stone magazine, that if he went to hell, John Mayer’s song, “Daughters” would be on repeat.

What the hell is that, dude? He’s still hot, but it’s going to take many-a-beer to get me to forget about this dude and his clear poor-taste in music. Hrmph.

Jack Johnson

Catch a wave
Catch a wave

Omigoodness, I’ve had a crush on this guy since high school—and I’ve actually met him before. He was super chill, but unfortunately I wasn’t brave enough to jump on him when I had the chance.

More than just being hot, and having laid-back music with cool lyrics, I love Jack Johnson because he is one of those artists that truly lives his craft. He doesn’t just write about living a life by the water, he actually lives that, and he records his albums using solar-power.

He seems like he’d be completely cool to hang out with…then there’s that whole marriage and kids thing, rearing its ugly head again.

But I can deal, I would actually rather just kick it and have a beer with him than anything else. Seriously, get your mind out of the gutter.

And all of these moments, Just might find their way into my dreams tonight, But I know that they’ll be gone, When the morning light sings, And brings new things…

Jack Johnson, Better Together

So. Freakin'. Fine.
So. Freakin’. Fine.

NeedToBreathe: Seth Bolt

I am suuuuuch a sucker for dudes with long hair—maybe it’s a jealousy thing? I don’t know, but I just go with it. Long hair, I’m into it.

Seth was the last of the four to join NeedToBreathe, and it’s a good thing they found him, because it’s always a good idea to have a little eye-candy in your band.

He plays bass, mandolin, and does backup vocals. And, after doing a little Googling, I see that he TOO, is married… and has a son…but I cannot confirm this just yet.

What the flip?

I think I must have a problem that involves having crushes on hot dudes that are unavailable, not only because they are in famous bands, but because they’re ALL married, and have kids.

I suppose that is the good thing about celebrity crushes, I can still admire them from afar, no matter their situation.

And, I can have as many crushes as I want.

If you’re going to Hangout Fest, maybe I’ll see you there. If you’re not going, feel free to live vicariously through me, May 15-19, on my Twitter feed @OrangeJulius7 using #HangoutFest 

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