Pic of the Week.

Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions…

When I was in 7th grade, I loved the store Limited Too (now known as Justice, I think). It was—and as far as I know, still is—the place where glitter, sequins, and overall cool shit for teenage girls, came to die.

It was a real treat to get new clothes from there, but really, I loved just going into the store and checking out all of the cool things there, including their wide collection of glitter body wash.

The thing about glitter body wash is, you can’t actually see the glitter while you’re scrubbing up, and it certainly doesn’t stay on your skin once you’re rinsed—so it’s overpriced, pointless, and completely addicting.

But somehow, I’ve made it years without the sparkly stuff, that is, until now.

During a shopping trip after the holidays, I came across a gift set of glitter bubble bath. I was immediately 12 again, and without hesitation, I tossed the box of 7 bottles in my cart. It was a mere $4.

While I don’t particularly love baths (you might recall a bath routine of mine earlier this year), they come in handy after a particularly rough workout session, or at the end of a stressful week.

And so, finally, I opened my gift set, lined them up like a true OCD patient, smelled them all, and made the oh-so-important decision of which one to try first. I went with the Vanilla Icing, in case you’re wondering.

There are times I worry I’ve gotten too serious or complicated—and then I’m reminded that even the smallest bit of sparkle is enough to keep things bright.


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