Pic of the Week.

My new sewing tools.
My new sewing tools.

Sunday afternoon, my friend a I took a sewing class at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I’ve never had a huge interest in sewing, but my friend has wanted to learn for the longest time. Each Thursday night, we get together to watch Project Runway, or now, Under The Gunn, and she always says, “I wish I knew how to sew, so I could make that…”

So for Christmas, I bought her the class and all of the beginning materials. I signed up, too, so she wouldn’t have to go alone. But from Christmas, until the days leading up to the class, I noticed I was getting more and more excited about it.

My friend was right, once we learned how to sew, the possibilities were endless. And I love endless possibilities.

The class had eight students, all of us varying in age (the girl next to me was 8). Our teacher, an older woman who said she’d been sewing since high school, said she felt refreshed to see so many people in class, because she felt like sewing was a skill that people had stopped learning—yet it remains to be such a useful skill to have.

We started by learning about the tools we had purchased for class (what you see in the picture): sheers, a seam ripper, different fabrics, interfacing, pins, and measurements.

Then, we got to use the sewing machines. We learned how to get thread on the bobbin, and then learned to thread the machine. Once we started sewing, we each got to sew two straight seams (complete with a backstitch) on our fabric, along with 2 “L” shapes, a “U” shape, and 2 faux pockets.

Although it might not sound like much, we walked away from the near-3-hour class feeling like we learned a ton! We even bough several patterns that our teacher said we’d be able to make, just with the knowledge we learned that day.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but learning something new is such a high. Although I work at a university, higher education doesn’t always mean college. It can be a leisure course, a seminar, a training session—and I never want to stop learning.

Now the question is, how much am I going to invest in this new hobby? Anyone who knows me, and perhaps many of you readers do know me by now, you’ve gathered that free time is pretty foreign in my world. I’m lucky if I get to carve out time to sleep each night.

The only “hobby” I’ve ever invested in has been my writing; and let’s face it, from the time I wakeup, until the time I sleep, writing is in every bit of my life. Sometimes, I wakeup during the night with an idea or a poem or a headline that I have to write down before I can sleep again.

The thought of turning down an opportunity to create, though, that’s devastating. And this brings me to one of my absolute biggest fears: not having enough time, forever. I constantly worry that I won’t live long enough to read all of the books on my Amazon wish list, see the places I want to see, love the way I want to, and apparently, get a sewing machine and sew to my heart’s content!

I don’t know when I’ll get around to sewing, even though it’s on my mind. Instead, maybe I’ll just write about it for awhile—sew there!

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