Celeb crush: Michael C. Hall.

I started swooning over Mr. Hall the second I saw the first episode of Showtime’s Dexter—in which he plays…Dexter, a serial killer who kills bad guys.

Let’s take a look:


A few months ago, a very hot guy at my gym told me he thought I was into bad boys.

“Am I?” I thought. I looked over at him. Tats. Lots of tats. Probably has a record. Trouble. I gave him a dirty look. Maybe I am.

And so, Michael C. Hall isn’t a bad boy, but his character sure is, and let’s face it, that’s all I really know about him (that and he looks good in the nude scenes).

After some lite Googling, I’ve found out that:

  • Although he’s been in a few plays, other television shows, and a few movies, Dexter is by far his biggest piece of work.
  • He’s been married twice, divorced twice, and is now dating someone new.
  • He was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, went through chemo, and lost some of his hair, but has been in remission ever since.
  • He’s been nominated for a crapton of SAG Awards, and has won a few.

Yeah, not a bad boy. But it’s okay, I still like him (make note that this just might be my first ginger crush).

Check him out on Jimmy Kimmel (also a lil hottie, if I do say so):

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