Learning From Strangers.

I’ve got a new project.

Am I crazy? Does it always seem like I’ve got a new project? I will admit, it is a fault of mine that I’m always kind of all over the place. Welcome to the life of a creative—my mind is always buzzing, and in the words of Miley Cyrus, “We Can’t Stop.”

Anyway, when I was writing the blog series, “How I Fell,” I was lucky enough to have so many people from my life contact me to tell me they were reading it. One of them was a friend from high school, Ethan.

Ethan currently lives in Berlin, but he is a freelance writer, a podcaster, and a blogger (for Model Husband).

Since Ethan’s blog covers the world of relationships from a male-married perspective, he wanted to collaborate on something with me, as I could offer the single-female perspective.

And so, Learning From Strangers, the podcast was born.

We record once a week, picking topics that are loosely based around relationships, and we tell stories about the topic. It’s not an advice podcast, but more just a place to share experiences with our listeners and gather information that we’ve learned… and I will admit, it’s pretty funny.

So, I hope you’ll give it a listen and check back when you can for new episodes!


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