City love.

Is it possible to fall in love with something other than a person? I certainly hope so, because I’ve fallen in love with Los Angeles.

This love affair has been going on since about 6th grade—before I’d ever even been to the city. But I dreamed about the streets, lined with palm trees and lights, the sunset glowing through the LA skyline.

losangelesIt wasn’t until I was a senior in college that I finally took my first trip to Los Angeles. Through an assignment in one of my English classes, I was connected with a Public Relations company out there.

I used it as an excuse to fly out, get a feel for the city, and see if it was a place I thought I should move to.

I asked around, and some of my friends said they wanted to join me, but we were college students, and there wasn’t much money in our budgets for travel. So, I booked my trip alone.

It wasn’t the first time I’d flown by myself, but it WAS the first time I flew somewhere and had no one waiting for me at the airport. I don’t think it hit me until the pilot said we were making our decent into LAX.


My taxi drive from LAX to my hotel was an exciting one for me—it was everything I’d dreamt of all these years. When I arrived at my hotel, The Westin Bonaventure, I was still in awe—this was one of the most photographed buildings in history!

img_big1That night, I slipped on a pair of silver python heels, and hopped on the Metro, heading to The Knitting Factory in West Hollywood. I’d never been on a Metro before and I wasn’t certain what stop I should use. So I asked the girls next to me…they said they were going somewhere nearby.

I followed their lead, and when we got up the stairs to the street, my jaw dropped once again. Mann’s Chinese Theatre! It was Hollywood Boulevard!

I was looking for The Knitting Factory, to meet my publicist friend. He saw me immediately.

“Do I still out THAT much?” I asked him, hoping I would fit right in.

los-angeles-kt-e4iMy trip was a short one, just three days, but I walked along the “stars” sidewalk, took the Academy walk, and took the Celebrity Homes’ tour. It was amazing.

Unfortunately, I haven’t made the priority to get there since—I did go to Vegas though; which was also a blast. I’ve also visited San Diego a few times, as well as the Temecula Wine Country; all so beautiful.

I hope my plans take me out West soon; pretty sure that’s where my heart belongs.

Los-Angeles-dock-Ferris-wheel-Beach-sunset_1680x1050“Friday evening, we’ve been drinking

2 AM, I swear that I might propose

but we close the tab

split a cab

and call each other up when we get home

falling asleep to the sound

of sirens…

I got a city love.”

—John Mayer, City Love


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