How I fell, part six.

My new boyfriend had yet to meet my friends, and since my parents live states away, meeting my friends was as important as it got.

So me and D planned to have my friends come into the restaurant one night when he was working—this way, he could meet them, but it wouldn’t be some formal sit-down questionnaire type of thing.

That night, I put on my favorite thigh-high boots, met up with my friends, and we hit the road. About two blocks from the restaurant, there was a burning car. Huge flames. Possibly a bad omen.

I brushed it off as we parked and headed toward the front door. I could see D before we stepped inside, as he was standing at the hostess’ stand.

I nodded in his direction, and took a quick right, heading toward the bar. As my eyes searched for three open seats beside each other, a familiar hand reached in my direction.

It was my ex boyfriend.

Long time readers will know him as Matt, new readers just need to know that it was a long, horrible relationship that landed me in a therapist’s chair.

One of my friends, who had never seen Matt, found three open bar stools right beside him.

“Can you join me in the bathroom?” I whispered to my girlfriend. And we bolted.

“Dude! Why is that guy staring at you?” she asked me.


I was shaking. Here was a man who abused me for years, knocked me down to the point I didn’t even know who I was anymore. My friend had picked a random night, in a restaurant out of city limits (in a city an hour away from where Matt lived), at a random time of night, to meet my new boyfriend, and there he was.

It was the first time I’d seen him in more than a year, the first time I’d seen him since he told me “Our relationship only made up 2 percent of my life so what’s the big deal?”

My friend came to my rescue.

“Look, we are here to see your new man, you look hot, that dude is not even attractive,” she said.

“You’re right. You are right. I can do this,” I said. I took a deep breath and we went back to the bar.

After ordering a bottle of wine, Matt approached my bar stool.

“Holly, can we talk?” he said.

“About what?” I asked.

“I would just really like to talk to you,” he said.

“Fine. Let’s step outside,” I said.

I didn’t know what he was going to tell me, but I needed to hear it. I also didn’t think it was appropriate for us to talk at my boyfriend’s bar, so we stepped right outside the glass doors so if needed, D could see that I had my arms crossed and was a solid 6 feet from Matt.

Matt: How have you been?

Me: Great, you?

Matt: Okay, I guess. Look, I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable and I certainly don’t want to force you to talk to me. It’s just been so long…

Me: Yeah.

Matt: I still read all of your stuff and I saw you teach now, I bet that’s crazy.

Me: It’s wonderful. I love it.

Matt: I got a new job.

Me: …

Matt: I can’t tell if you want to hug me or punch me right now.

Me: [Laughs]

Matt: I think that’s a fair question.

Me: Uh, I think you know that I do NOT want to hug you.

Matt: Would you like to go to lunch sometime?

Me: No. No I do not. In fact, my boyfriend is inside and he doesn’t deserve this, so I’m going to head back inside.

Matt: Oh, well obviously I didn’t know.

Me: Right, you assumed I’d still be single and I’m letting you know, I’m not.

I opened the door for myself and marched back to my bar stool. Matt followed, closed his tab, and left the restaurant.

Holly-1, Ex boyfriends everywhere-0



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