A Place of Yes (part II).

I just finished reading “A Place of Yes” by Bethenny Frankel.

I was taking my time with this one, because it has so many great takeaway lessons and I often took lots of notes while reading it.

If you are a Bethenny fan already, I don’t need to explain to you how amazing she is as a woman, a businessperson, a mother, a wife, and now, a writer. She’s got her hands in all the pots, but for all the right reasons, and it works.

In “A Place of Yes,” Frankel shares her secrets as to how she overcame a tough childhood, a rocky adulthood, and even the ins and outs of previous business failures and her persona as the runaway bride.

She breaks the book down into 10 rules to live by, or as she says, 10 rules to living the life you dream:

1. Break the chain. You don’t have to carry baggage from the past; take the good and leave the bad.

2. Find your truth. Listen and do only what’s right for you.

3. Act on it. Don’t wait, don’t sit, don’t put off, just DO.

4. Everything’s your business. Do everything like it’s your job.

5. All roads lead to Rome. Stay focused, work hard, and you’ll end up where you need to.

6. Go for yours. Put yourself first, achieve your goals for you.

7. Separate from the pack. Don’t follow the crown, stand up for your truth.

8. Own it. Even when it’s difficult, admit it, own up to your actions.

9. Come together. Get yourself right first, then connect with others (who deserve you).

10. Celebrate! Drop the worries, and celebrate the good times.

In reading this book, I found I could relate to Frankel and use her rules to help me get over my past and tear through my future with drive and success. Whether dating woes, childhood baggage, or dead-end careers are holding you back, I recommend this book to you! It was such an inspiration to me and I hope you find it to be also.


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