The list.

Yesterday, The Frisky posted an article on “the list.”

You know the list I’m talking about…that list of everything you want in a significant other. Perhaps some of the things on the list are dreamy—his stunning eyes, his golden locks—some of them might be fun—hobbies he’ll have, or those he won’t—and of course, there are the serious ones—his morals and values.

I once had a list like this; but it was years ago, just when I started dating and had no business thinking of “the one.”

It was full of the usual stuff, how he’d look, his hobbies of playing soccer and reading the newspaper, and how awesome he would treat me. Perhaps I should have followed this list closer once I hit college…

I don’t have a list anymore. In fact, I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I need, not want, in another person. From experience, I know I need someone I can trust. And it would be nice to have some good laughs in there, too.

Other than that, I’m still figuring things out. What about you?

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