New Chapter.

My latest entry was the last of my story [for book one anyway}. I sifted through piles of notes, postcards, journal entries, pictures and even paycheck stubs to gather my thoughts and jog my memory of those things, which happened years ago.

Although parts of it were difficult to go back and examine, I knew it had to be done in order to tell my story. I have realized that by looking at these moments with fresh eyes, it has started to give me a sense of relief. I’ve come a long way since those relationships, although I feel I still have much more room to grow.

Now that I’ve captured all of my notes and the memories I want to expand on, my next assignment is to go back through my blog entries and create chapters out of them. Some will be combined, others won’t and some might be eliminated completely.

I am looking forward to this part of the process most of all, so thank you to my readers for keeping up with me and giving your opinion. Keep at it, and I will post as often as I can!

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