Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Carrie Soto is Back.’

Spring is in full swing, which means one of my favorite reading seasons is right around the corner: summer!

What better time to crack open a breezy read?

I had to wait for a while to get this one from the library, but it was worth the wait. I’m talking about “Carrie Soto is Back” by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

I’m not going to lie, TJR’s last few books just haven’t been for me.

But I refuse to give up on her, and as soon as I saw this book was coming out, I added it to my TBR list.

“Carrie Soto is Back” is the story of star tennis player Carrie Soto and her mission to return to the court post-retirement to keep another player from beating her record in the grand slams.

Of course, there’s a lot about tennis in this book. But it’s not just a story about tennis or training for a match.

This is the story about a father and his daughter and the role tennis played in that relationship.

Tennis is a particularly grueling sport that’s performed alone, and it’s an interesting option to show Carrie’s relationship with her father and those she meets on the court.

This story was also oddly personal to me. My dad was a sports journalist when I was a child, and I can vividly recall sunny mornings and afternoons in the stands, watching that neon green ball go back and forth while my dad took notes and interviewed coaches.

In fact, he befriended the high school tennis coach, who became a family friend for years.

My dad passed in 2018, and those memories are treasured now, and as a result, this book brought tears to my eyes.

It’s beautifully written and has an amazing message at the end.

What Taylor Jenkins Reid books have you read?

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