How I’m Manifesting a New Job.

It’s a new month and a new season, and well, I’m ready to find a land a new job!

That may sound weird coming from someone who was laid off in July, but I needed time to process what happened to me and to consider what I wanted to do next.

This was my second time being laid off in just two years, and to be honest, I don’t think I processed it when it happened the first time!

While Derek and I were recording an episode of our podcast, we talked to a Career Transitions Coach, and she said jobs are like relationships in that, you can take baggage from one job to the next if you don’t put in the work to resolve it.

Without realizing it, my time at my retail job has allowed me to take a break from 9-5 life, process what’s happened, and put things into perspective.

I’ve had time to consider what I want out of my life, and where my career fits into that, and — although I’ve been applying to jobs since I was laid off — feel genuinely excited about finding an opportunity that’s right for me.

But, it ain’t easy!

The job market is very, very difficult right now, and applying for a role (or hundreds of them) really does a number on the psyche.

As I’ve prepared for the very few interviews I’ve gotten, imposter syndrome is real, even when I KNOW I am well-qualified for so many opportunities.

As a result, I’ve started doing daily affirmations to remind myself what I have to offer and that I am worthy of a great job.

As I do my affirmations and work to manifest a new job, I realized I can’t be alone in this!

Enter: the Printable Affirmations Checklist for landing your dream job!

I’ve been hoping to add new categories of items to my Etsy Shop, and these affirmations sparked all sorts of new ideas for me.

I will be adding more Affirmation printables in the near future, so be sure to follow the shop and see what’s in stock.

I know there are SO many people looking for jobs right now, and I truly hope all of us find fitting opportunities.

Good luck out there!

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