My Spring + Summer Fragrance.

I decided to treat myself to a new perfume!

I have always enjoyed wearing scents and perfumes and have built a little collection over the years. But, I recently cleaned out my bathroom and used up any of the bottles that were nearly empty or had just been there too long.

We sell perfume at my retail job, so I’ve seen and smelled more perfume than I’d ever thought I’d smell in my life!

At the beginning of the year, we got a shipment in, and I smelled such a fantastic perfume: Escada Santorini Sunrise.

The official description of it is: A fruity floral scent featuring a mandarin and bergamot sorbet, luminous jasmine petals, and pink peppercorns.

The mandarin and bergamot are what stand out to me, and I absolutely love it!

But I couldn’t justify buying a whole bottle of it. Not only do I have enough perfume already, but this seemed like a scent for a season (not for the whole year).

So, I never really considered buying it.

That is until I saw we had a roller ball version of it!

This was a smaller option, more affordable (I am still job hunting, after all), and I could just toss it in my beach bag.

So, I got the roller ball, and it even has little flowers on the bottle 🙂

Buying this, and being so excited about having a spring and summer scent, got me thinking about smells and the memories attached to them.

We have a small selection of travel-size fragrances by the cash register where I work, and people are always picking them up and saying, “I wore this scent when…” or “I used to wear this all the time in the XX (name a decade)!”

Research over the years tells us that smell and memories are linked, and these memories tend to be attached to more emotions than other memories.

Years ago, I was in a friend’s wedding, and I remember she bought a specific perfume to wear on her wedding day. I found it odd then, but looking back, it’s pretty cool that a perfume could remind her of that day and other special moments with her partner.

I know I have fond memories while wearing scents as a teenager — not perfumes, but Bath & Body Works body sprays (I liked Freesia) and GAP eau de toilette, I wore Dream, but man, I loved Grass!

Of course, food scents take me back, too — the smell of a charcoal grill reminds me of summers as a kid, as does the smell of fresh cut grass (which is probably why I loved the GAP scent), and sunblock brings me right to the beach.

Do you have a perfume that brings you back? Or a scent that evokes a memory?

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