MY Los Angeles To-Do List.

Today’s the day: I’m heading to LA!

My last trip was in December, and if it was up to my wallet, I likely wouldn’t have even taken that trip!

But I’ve learned to just go for things because you never know…

And I’m so glad I booked this trip to give myself something to be excited about, and just like it always does, it’s coming at the right time because I could really use a break.

I’ll only be gone for the weekend, but I’ve put together a list of things I’d like to do and see.

They are:

The Venice Boardwalk

I’ve always heard about how unique and fun the Venice Boardwalk is! It’s actually my first stop after leaving LAX today, and I’m so excited to see what I’ve heard about for years.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

I went to LA many, many years ago and saw the Walk of Fame, but I definitely want to see it again! I know new stars have been added, and I don’t think this is a spot I’ll ever get tired of seeing.

The Grammy Museum

I didn’t even know this existed until I was looking for things to do in a specific area of the city. As a music lover, this museum looks right up my alley! There’s all sorts of music history and even experiences and music videos. I cannot wait!

The Hollywood Museum

I love the classic old Hollywood glamour of LA (+ the grungy underbelly of it all), and this museum holds thousands of gems. I’m excited to see all the rare pieces and learn the fun facts.

SUR + TomTom

As a Bravoholic and pop-culture enthusiast, I’m very much looking forward to finally having a fried goat cheese ball at SUR and downing a cocktail at TomTom. #Scandoval or not, I’ll be there!

The Grove

Part of me wants to go to The Grove because it was home to some scenes of “The Hills,” but I also want to see it — it looks like such a nice place to spend an afternoon.

Don Antonio’s

I’ve always wanted to go here after seeing it on “The Hills” but then, Gabby from What’s Gabby Cookin’ made me drool over it by sharing the recipe for their veggie fajitas! I just have to taste it for myself.

I have a few other things on my list, but I’m not sure I’ll get to all of them. I’ll just have to see!

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