A Review: Tula Banana Pudding Cleansing Body Exfoliator.

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For the last few years, I’ve been a loyal user of the Tree Hut shea sugar scrubs. They smell delicious, they really provide great exfoliation while leaving skin feeling soft, and they’re affordable.

But when I saw this collab with Tula x Magnolia Bakery, I knew I had to momentarily stray from Tree Hut and give this a try.

Before buying this, I’d never tried Tula’s regular body scrub (which doesn’t smell like banana pudding), so this was a double new thing: trying Tula’s exfoliator and trying a body scrub that was made to smell like a popular food item.

They sell the product where I work, so full disclosure, I bought it using my 25% employee discount.

The Banana Pudding Cleansing Body Exfoliator retails for $36 for 8.10 ounces of product. It is a higher price-point, partly because Tula is a high-end skincare brand, and now having used the scrub dozens of times, this bottle will last a while, even if you use it daily.

I was so excited to get this and smell it, and it’s delicious! It does have the sweet banana pudding scent, but it’s balanced with fresh lemon.

I use this scrub in the shower several times per week. It’s gentle enough to use daily, and does scrub the skin but not harshly. The scrub has. smaller grit, and it’s not packed in the body wash. It really is two products in one — a body wash that lathers up and smooths the skin.

Comparing it to the Tree Hut scrub, which is a larger grit and it’s really packed together instead of being mixed in with a body wash.

The Tula scrub is thin enough to fit through a spout on the bottle, which is nice because you don’t have to dip your hand into a jar.

You could use this with a loofah or a sponge, but I honestly just can’t say enough good things about this product. It provides such a great showering experience, which I really need when I’m getting ready to go to work!

Now I want to try the standard Tula body scrub, which feels and lathers the same way but has a different scent.

Have you tried either of the Tula body scrubs?

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