I’m a star-seller on Etsy!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m a Star Seller on Etsy!

Becoming a Star Seller is a newer feature available to Etsy sellers, but when I saw it was an option, I wanted to get there.

To become a Star Seller, an Etsy shop owner must meet specific thresholds based on customer reviews, message response time, number of sales, and shipping times.

The sales threshold was holding me back for a few months, but December was such a great month for the shop that it was able to put me over the edge!

Now that I’ve earned the Star Seller badge, I just have to maintain the positive ratings and reviews, the message response rate, and the shipping time.

Now, my entire stock is digital items, so the “shipping” is automatic. However, when I have custom orders, even the digital delivery (via email) counts as shipping time.

The best thing about being a Star Seller is that it comes with a badge visible on my Etsy storefront.

The badge (nor being a Star Seller) will affect my shop’s performance in Etsy search results, but it may encourage new buyers to shop with me because they can trust my product and service.

I am still working on some new items to put in the shop, but I am so excited to go into the new year on such a high with my store!

If you haven’t checked out the Bitter Lemon Digital yet, I’d love for you to take a visit.

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