My 2023 Goals!

Happy New Year!

Per usual, I set a pretty solid list of goals for 2023 and thought I’d share them with you.

Here they are:

2023 Word: romanticize 

I always let my word of the year come to me without force, and this one kept visiting me, especially in the last two months of 2022. Okay, not actually the word itself but the feeling I was desiring.

I wasn’t even sure this was the right word, so I looked it up, and romanticize means to deal with or describe in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; make (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is.

Now, trust me, I know this sounds toxic AF.

But, last year, I read this article from Self about the benefits of romanticizing your life. Turns out, it’s. away of mindfulness and has roots in Buddhism and Hygge.

It also became a TikTok trend, which featured an array of different photos and videos, but the common thread was savoring moments that cost little-to-no money.

In this way, the word “romanticize” speaks to me on different levels. My life took such a huge turn in the last part of 2022, and I’m trying so hard to get comfortable with the fact that my schedule is way different than what I prefer and that I’ve had to say goodbye to some luxuries like paid days off and decent health insurance.

In 2023, I want to slow down by actually enjoying my morning cup of coffee (that I make at home), and using my favorite blanket when I sit down to read a book.

Working retail for $14.25/hour reminds me how expensive life can be and the physical price it costs me to buy things — is it worth it? It’s time I appreciate the things I already have and focus on the other joys of life.

In another aspect, the word “romanticize” encapsulates exactly what the hallmark channel does in its movies — which I’m trying to write! So, this word highlights that goal for me and how it’s so important that I prioritize my screenwriting goals.

All of my 2023 goals fit under my word of the year. Some are big goals, some are small, but here they are:

Make Moments for Me

Generally speaking, I want to slow down — even if only in small ways — and this may look like putting my phone away for a few hours when I can, meditating, taking time for self-care, etc.

I don’t want to always be in a rush. And there are days when my schedule feels really packed, but I will try my hardest to plan around that and spread things out so I can give myself a break.

One thing I really want to do is get back to my 24/6 life — I mentioned it a few times in 2022 — but it all got away from me at the end of last year.

I know this isn’t really a measurable goal, but I’ll know it when I feel it.

Practice Gratitude

I have been participating in a regular gratitude practice for years via my journal. But, when I think about a true gratitude practice, it looks like this:

  • Being thankful for my health and investing time in caring for myself 
  • Being aware and grateful for what I have (giving to others)
  • Financial – spending less, building for the future

So, in 2023, I’m leveling up my gratitude practice by living it a little more.

Write, write, write

This is probably my goal in some way every year, but it seems like I wrote it with a giant neon highlighter this year. Working retail, and even when I was applying for a new 9-5 job, it all served as a giant reminder that NONE OF THIS is what I want to be doing.

I want to get paid for writing my own ideas, using my imagination, creating unique characters, and ultimately entertaining others via content.

How do I do that?

By putting my head down and writing. Here’s what I wrote down to focus on:

  • Daily writing practice
  • Get closer to my screenwriting goal
  • Finish Hallmark scripts
  • Enter screenwriting contests 
  • Prioritize screenwriting meetings, writer’s retreat, and film fest

I might spend the rest of my life working on this goal, and that’s okay. But it’s not going to happen any sooner for me if I don’t take it seriously!

Explore Spirituality

This goal is one that I’m the least sure about, just because I’m not entirely sure what it looks like. I also know this is not something I’ll likely finish in a year — it’s ongoing.

But it’s on my radar. If you have any advice or book recommendations, I’d appreciate it!

Those are my 2023 goals!

What are you accomplishing this year?

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