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How was everyone’s Christmas?

Mine was great, but I feel like it went by way too fast. My mom came to visit me, and we did as many festive activities as possible — even braving a freezing night in the city to get to a holiday pop-up bar!

Although I’m sad to see another Christmas end in my personal life, I cannot express how happy I am to see it go as far as my retail job goes 🙂 I am ready for the lines to shorten and, maybe, have people be a tad nicer??? Ha!

Anyway, before my mom came to visit, I gave my bathtub a good scrub and cleaned out all the items I had in there — I have such a stash of bath and shower products! I try to keep JUST the ones I’m currently using in the shower rack, but it gets out of hand.

So, when I was organizing everything, I realized I’ve had a product in there long enough to review it: the Kopari Hydrating Vitamin C Shower Oil.

I bought this during a sale at Ulta. I’ve never been disappointed by a Kopari product, so I was excited to try this one. I’d really never used a shower oil, but it sounded perfect — an oil that would keep my skin hydrated, but also a foam to keep me feeling clean!

This shower oil is full of good stuff, including hibiscus seed oil (hydrating), organic coconut oil (moisturizing), passion-fruit seed oil (antioxidants), and avocado oil (nourishing).

As per all Kopari products, this is vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable packaging! Love this about Kopari!

So far, I’ve only used it as a body wash in the shower, but the Kopari website suggests using it as a shave oil, which I’m sure would be amazing. I use mine with a loofah, and it foams up so wonderfully.

The oil has a light tropical scent (slightly floral and fruity) that is so nice, especially for a morning shower. It feels like a treat before I start getting ready for work 🙂

This shower oil is worth the price, and I’ll buy it again! They even have a jumbo size for just a little more $ — worth it.

What Kopari products have you tried?

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