I Tried the KFC Beyond Fried Chicken.

I have been eating a plant-based diet for about six years. During that time, my food preferences have changed a lot, but as of recently, I am trying a lot more “plant-based meat” products.

For years into my plant-based diet, I didn’t even try the “faux meat” products, just because I would rather eat something else.

I can only speak for myself, but sometimes I am disgusted by actual meat, so when I have a plant-based option, I’m not necessarily looking for a replacement.

I started my plant-based journey because it was something that had a positive effect on my sleep. However, I’ve learned about several other benefits a plant-based diet can have, and I appreciate it for those reasons, too.

I’d say, I have about a 90% plant-based diet, and 10% anything else, because I’m not perfect and don’t always order vegan when I’m traveling or out and about.

All of that is for context when I tried the KFC Beyond Fried Chicken. I kept seeing the commercials for it, and was really excited to try it. I feel like plant-based “chicken” is so much more difficult to find than a plant-based burger.

I don’t crave chicken, but there are times when I wish I could get fast food and I don’t necessarily want a burger. Plus, I want to support when restaurants launch a plant-based option.

The KFC Beyond Fried Chicken is made with Beyond Meat, but it’s fried in KFC batter and oil, so it’s not vegan.

You can get a 6-piece or a 12-piece nugget meal that comes with fries, a drink, and sauce.

I went for the 6-piece with a Diet Pepsi. The meal is $7.99. I also ordered a side of coleslaw because I couldn’t help myself 🙂

I am pretty certain I haven’t been to KFC in 25 years, so if they were hoping to get business from people like me, it worked.

I ordered through the drive-thru, and sadly I didn’t see it until I got home, but they didn’t give me a sauce, which I was REALLY disappointed by because that KFC sauce looks delish.

But, I ate it anyway. The nuggets and the fries come in a box (as I assume any other fried chicken meal does) and I cautiously took a bite of the first nugget.

I’ll be honest, I read a few reviews before I ordered mine and all of them said these were gross.

But I like them!

Is it a replica of an actual chicken nugget? No. But, I am pretty grossed out by those.

These taste very similar to other plant-based chicken I’ve gotten (like, from the frozen section in the grocery store). However, they are not soggy which happens sometimes with breaded stuff, and you have the added flavor of the KFC coating.

It’s pretty delish.

I will say mine was a tad dry, but if I would’ve had the sauce to dunk ’em, I don’t think I would’ve noticed.

The fries were good, and honestly… I ate all of it and I will be ordering it again (only this time I’ll make sure I get the sauce).

I think it’s cool that this is an option for those of us with a plant-based diet, and I also appreciate the fact that if you’re someone in a family or a group of friends that likes to drive-thru KFC, now you have a plant-based option at the same restaurant!

Have you tried the KFC Beyond Fried Chicken?

I’ve heard it’s only available for a limited-time, so hurry if you want ’em 🙂

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