Blanche’s Book Club: 2021 Holiday Reading Guide!

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Well, it’s December 1st! I always love a new month, but I especially love December because that means it’s time for Blanche’s Book Club’s Holiday Reading Guide!

I have been scouring the interwebs for my seasonal picks, but there’s also a list of titles from previous years for you to choose from (there’s a lot of options) — and I’ve added something fun at the end.


‘Meet Me in London’ by Georgia Toffolo

I actually bought this during all of the holiday sales over the weekend because many of its reviews said it was for readers who loved “One Day in December” (which, I did).

This story follows Aspiring clothes designer Victoria Scott who meets Oliver Russell — and his family just happens to own a department store.

He needs a girlfriend to introduce to his family over the holidays, and he offers her a place to showcase her designs. I love everything about this description, and honestly, I’m now convinced that any holiday book set in London will be on my TBR list.

‘The Holiday Switch’ by Tif Marcelo

I love a YA novel, especially over the holidays!

This one is about Lila and Teddy, who are both working at a local inn to earn extra holiday cash. They accidentally switch phones during a shift, and their secrets are revealed — oh no! 🙂

A few reviews I read also said something about Lila being an anonymous book blogger, so I’m obviously down for that. This is also a really lite read (according to reviews), which is perfect for this time of year.

‘The Christmas Bookshop’ by Jenny Colgan

Meet Carmen, she was recently laid off, and she needs a place to turn but she’s a little too proud to stay with her sister Sofia, who has everything in order — or it appears that way. But Sofia could use a little help, too.

With Sofia’s help, Carmen ends up getting a shop at an ancient bookshop that needs some love. Can she help for the holidays while also bringing her family together?

This sounds perfect for the season, and Jenny Colgan has quite the record of holiday reads.

‘A Season for Second Chances’ by Jenny BaylisS

This one sounds so good for two reasons: 1. it sounds very Hallmark-y, and 2. it’s seasonal, but it’s got a different setting (a seaside town).

This follows Annie, who is so settled in her life that it’s not exciting anymore.

So, she’s decided to shake things up and take a new job at a historic seaside home. But when she gets there, she meets the homeowner’s nephew who wants nothing to do with Annie or her ideas. Well, we’ll see about that!

‘The Christmas Project’ by Maxine Morrey

This one also sounds very Hallmark-y (and I mean that as a compliment), as it follows Kate who works as a professional organizer.

Her best friend asks her to help her brother Michael, who needs help getting his home in order for the holidays.

Turns out Michael is pretty obnoxious (and needs more help than just an organizer), but the holiday season has its way of making everything better. Right?

‘Five Total Strangers’ by Natalie D. Richards

Why not add a thriller into the mix? I got this in a book swap a little bit ago, and I thought adventure-seekers might enjoy it!

Mira flies home to spend the holidays with her mother, but a blizzard results in a canceled layover. Mira decides to get a ride with a group of friendly college kids who were on her flight. But the weather gets worse, and Mira finds out no one in the car actually knows each other. Aaah!


And, if you’re still reading — thank you! — I wanted to share a seasonal item in my Etsy Shop: Holiday bookmarks! They are digital, so you can print them at your leisure. I made them specifically to put inside books I’m giving as gifts this year. 

I hope you all find some GREAT books to read this holiday season; cheers!

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