Blanche’s Book Club: ‘The Ex Talk’.

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Now that it’s December and I’m not writing an entire novel in 30 days (!), I feel like I MIGHT be able to get back to reading more.

So, what better way to kick off the month than with a fun rom-com book? Let me tell you… I think I waited 14 weeks to get this from the library. It’s been all over the place (oh, the wonders of marketing), and even after I got it and shared it on social media, so many people were curious about it.

It’s “The Ex Talk” by Rachel Lynn Solomon. This is the story of Shay, who’s an established producer at a Seattle public radio station. But, the station is struggling and needs a new show to boost numbers.

Shay comes up with an idea for a show that has two hosts that are exes, and they’ll give relationship advice on-air via therapists, friends, and callers. Management loves this idea and decides Shay should host it with the station’s newest journalist, Dominic.

But there are two problems: 1. Shay and Dominic have never dated, and 2. Shay and Dominic hate each other.

The thing is… if they don’t do this, they’ll both lose their jobs. So, they jump in and the audience loves it. Can you guess what happens next?

This book was so fun in a very Hallmark-style way (which I love), but it does have “open-door” romance scenes, so keep that in mind. It’s short and lite, which I think is about as much as I can handle right now, book-wise 🙂

I should note that I listened to the audio version and, since this book features two radio hosts, I do think the plot lent itself to audio.

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good rom-com!

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