Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Christmas Shopaholic.’

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I got back from a verrryyyy quick trip to Napa yesterday and during my two flights (there and back), I read a majority of “Christmas Shopaholic” by Sophie Kinsella… and then stayed up last night to finish it!

I actually included this book in one of my Holiday Reading Guides years ago (here are all the holiday books I’ve recommended so far), but am just now getting around to reading it.

Years ago, I read several of the “Shopaholic” books and always loved reading about the trouble Becky (the hilarious and loveable lead character) would get herself into. Before I started reading this book, I wasn’t quite sure I’d remember her, but nope!

Right on the first page, I easily remembered why she’s so funny, and this was JUST the light and fun boo I needed to read this holiday season.

In this book (which doesn’t require any previous reading), Becky’s parents have moved to a new, posh apartment, and they want her to host the holiday instead of them.

Of course, she agrees to, but inside she’s freaking out about how to manage all the food, presents, decor… and how will everyone get along? She wants to make everyone happy, but how is she going to get it right with so many requests — there’s vegan, and sustainability, and eco-friendly… it’s too much!

In true Becky fashion, though, she goes to the most ridiculous lengths to please her guests (picture: 30 pounds of smoked salmon in her front yard, wrapped in a duvet). You guys… I was cackling on the plane!

No spoilers of course, but I stand by my recommendation on this one, especially if you just need something light and fun right now.

What holiday books are you reading this season?

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