I saw Theresa Caputo Live!

Last night, I went to ACL Live to see the Long Island Medium herself, Theresa Caputo.

I have been watching “Long Island Medium” since episode one, and I absolutely love Theresa’s bubbly personality, and her sparkling style.

I have always wanted to get a reading from her, but her waiting list is more than two years long! So, when I stumbled across tickets to her tour, I knew I had to go.

Of course, I was really hoping that someone from the other side would step forward with a direct message for me, but I also knew this was going to be a room full of people — and even more spirits waiting with messages.

The auditorium wasn’t huge, but there were a few hundred people there. The stage had faux candles and twinkle lights that looked like stars.

When Theresa came on stage, I honestly felt a little star-struck! She was wearing a black suit that was completely covered in glitter, with crystal Louboutins, crystal acrylic nails, and loads of diamond jewelry. I was in awe!

She explained how she discovered her talents as a medium, talked about her faith, and she spent a good amount of time sharing what she knows about the departed and the messages they have to share. She was sort of prepping us all for what was about to happen.

Then, she got off the stage and went into the audience to start reading people.

I don’t want to go into detail here, but I will say that—and Theresa said this would happen—the people who received readings were the ones who really needed them.

There were so many people who’d lost loved ones tragically and their lives were on hold. Hopefully now they can heal and move forward.

While I didn’t receive any direct messages, I did hear several situations that were similar to ones I’d been through, and the messages that came through gave me hope.

I also took away a few other things: 1. Most of us have lost someone and are carrying a related burden, 2. Our departed loved ones don’t want us to bear those burdens.

I also was reminded that I’ve already received so many messages from those on the other side, and I don’t necessarily need a medium to validate them (although it certainly would’ve been cool).

In the end, I had fun, I learned some things, and I left feeling a little bit lighter… and then I ordered three of Theresa’s books (these are all affiliate links):

…I’m looking forward to reading these and will definitely report back!

I am now an even BIGGER fan of Theresa and am going to add her podcast to my lineup. Have you ever been to a medium?

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