5 Questions I Have for the Final Season of ‘Insecure.’

Well “Insecure” fans, TONIGHT is the night — the premier of the final season. It feels bittersweet, doesn’t it? I mean, I know shows can’t go on forever, and I know Issa Rae has some more goodies for all of us up her sleeve.

But, as Boys II Men taught us, it’s so hard to say goodbye.

In preparation for tonight’s premier, I rewatched season 4 (I almost forgot how shookie it made me). So, I have some questions going into the fifth and final season:

What will happen with Issa’s career? In season 4, Issa finally threw the Block Party she’d been dreaming of. She also was planning a wellness event, and was in talks with Nathan for an event to promote his barber shop. Will we see more events this season? From the looks of the season 5 trailer, Issa gets to speak at a panel (possibly at a college), so perhaps some recognition will fuel her career.

What will Nathan’s role be? Last season, Nathan came clean about some serious mental health issues he faced when he and Issa were dating. He also expressed feelings for her RIGHT when her and Lawrence were back together. Regardless, Nathan and Issa seem to have a really solid friendship and I’m curious about his role this season. I love his character, so I hope he sticks around in one way or another.

Will Molly find love? I was honestly really sad to see things end with Andrew and Molly last season. Watching it back this weekend, though, it was more obvious just how much work Molly needs to do if she’s serious about finding a partner. I don’t see any evidence of Andrew in season 5, which is disappointing, but I’m really wondering about Molly’s quest for love.

What will Lawrence do? When season 4 ended, I think I can easily say we were all rocked by Condola’s news about her pregnancy. Just when it seemed like Lawrence had it all together… there’s a wrench in the plan. Will Lawrence and Condola move to San Francisco? Will they co-parent or be in a full-blown relationship? Will Issa and Lawrence stay in touch?

Will we see new characters? Normally, new characters are tough for me, but we’ve been introduced to some stellar people along the journey of this show—I’m talking to you, TSA Bae. But will we see new faces in this final season, or will it be mostly the core group?

Are you a fan of “Insecure” and will you be watching tonight?

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