My favorite fall candles.

Today is the first day of fall! So we can all guzzle pumpkin spice lattes and pull on our Ugg boots, shame free… right? Okay, so maybe not to that extreme but at the very least, we can light fall candles — hooray!

The last few years, I’ve gotten my fall candles from Antique Candle Co (which has delicious and beautiful candles). I actually started buying my fall candles after years of buying them from Bath & Body Works… and then I realized, why am I supporting some giant corporation that’s probably super crappy when I can spend the same amount of money and support female-owned companies?!

Anyway. This year, I wanted a lineup of different scents, so I did some scouring to find some other candle companies that would fit my needs (these are serious needs, after all). Here’s what I ended up with:

Southern Elegance Candle Company

This is a Black-female owned candle company based in North Carolina that I found via Instagram and I was SOLD when I saw the scent lineup. There was a big sale the day I found them, so I bought several to try. I got the 16-ounce candle, which is a 50-hour burn time.

They have a line of signature scents that are available all year, and from that line I got “Brightleaf” (Tobacco + Caramel), and “Lexington” (Apple + Bourbon). Then, I tapped into the Fall & Holiday Collection and got “Sweet Potato + Brown Sugar,” “Pumpkin Souffle,” “Caramel Latte,” and “Fireside.”

I was verrryy tempted to get some of the holiday scents (Winter Cranberry, Christmas Cabin, Orange Spice…), but I stuck to fall… and I’ll definitely be placing an order. There was a little tin candle in my package that was “Sweater Weather,” which I’ve been burning in my kitchen and it smells so good!

They sell candles of all sizes, in different containers, but all with soy wax. The price is comparable to other candles of this size and I was impressed with the packaging when it arrived (I’ve had much more expensive candles arrive broken or melted). I cannot wait to burn these!

Uncommon James

I’ve spoken about my love for Uncommon James candles before, and nothing has changed. I actually used my rewards points to get a HUGE candle in “Cowboy Campfire” (one of my favorite scents) for free 🙂 I also ordered a few of their most popular candle “Pumpkin Latte” and am looking forward to burning those!

UJ candles are also made of soy wax and essential oil blends. I love the variety of sizes and containers they have… and I love the scents — especially the seasonal options. If you want to try UJ candles, I have a $10 off coupon (which you can actually use site-wide).

One Eleven Candles

This is for my crystal-lovin’ zen-needin’ readers! One Eleven Candles is a Black-owned company that sells incense, essential oils, sage, and… candles with crystals in them. I’ve gotten several of these over the last year and, not only are the scents great, I’ve kept all the crystals!

I either add them to my collection for meditating, or put them in my plants on the patio to give them some energy 🙂 One Eleven is always adding new candles and scents, so be on the lookout for ones that sound fitting for you. If you want a fall scent, go for “Free Spirit” which smells like cinnamon and apple, and has sunstone crystals inside.

…So, that’s what I’ve got going on in my apartment. What festive candles are you burning this season?

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