A Review: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam.

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Happy Labor Day weekend!

I’m trying to get all of my “summer” product reviews in before everyone ditches the neon nail polish and sunscreen — it’ll still be a little while as it is 100 degrees outside today.

So, let’s talk about Bondi Sands… I have always heard good things about this brand, but have never tried it (until now). They must be doing a push because I got a free sample of the Self Tanning Foam with an Ulta purchase, and then I got the Pure Self Tanning Drops in my Birchbox!

But, I’ll focus on the Self Tanning Foam today. The sample size I got is 1.35 oz and I’ve done two full-body tans with it, and there’s still enough left for at least one, if not two more!

I think I am getting better with tanning foams since I’ve been using them a lot more, so there’s that. I use a good tanning mitt (mine is by Tarte), which I think is key, and I wash it after every use just to make sure there’s no weird build-up or anything.

I’ll start by saying that even though I was excited to see the Bondi Sands Foam as a sample, I was a little worried that it was the “dark” shade.

I don’t think I have a deep tan, however I do have a tan from the little bit of time I’ve spent by the pool this summer. But, being in a pandemic and staying at home, I figured if it looked bad, then oh well!

The foam is tinted when you put it on, which I love, and it has a nice coconut scent. This formula is also vegan — major score.

Honestly, the “dark” wasn’t that dark to me. They do offer a light/medium shade and “ultra dark,” so if you have a little bit of a tan, I say you can’t go too wrong with the dark.

It went on smooth and it actually wasn’t ruined when I made the poor decision to wash my hair after applying it (ugh). I was actually shocked how good the tan looked the next morning.

My only complaint is that this stuff does transfer. I didn’t wait until it was completely dry and it got on my clothes (which is my fault), but even after it WAS dry, I noticed it on my bedsheets and clothes the next morning.

This is fairly common for sunless tanners, it’s just been awhile since I’ve noticed it really. So, that’s obnoxious.

In general though, this gave me a nice looking tan. I also love the scent and the fact that it’s vegan.

Have you ever tried Bondi Sands products?

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