Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Shoe Dog.’

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It’s almost 9 pm and I’m finally getting to today’s blog post — my days are so packed lately. But, I had a pretty relaxing weekend (very much needed) and I hope you all did, too.

I am still listening to several ebooks (I’ve been averaging 2-3 per week) and a few weeks ago, I got the alert that “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight was FINALLY ready for me to check out at the library. I’d been on the waiting list for 14 weeks!

“Shoe Dog” is the story of Nike, as told by its creator, Phil Knight.

I heard about this book from the host of a radio show I listen to daily. He said it was really good, and I’ve always been into stories about businesses — especially how ideas turn into small businesses.

When I put the book on my reserve list, I checked out its reviews on GoodReads and they average almost a 4.5/5 stars… wow!

To tell you a little more about the book, Knight talks about his life before Nike was even on his radar. He goes on a trip to Japan after graduating from business school and talks about one of his favorite things: running.

I learned a lot about running, and how running shoes were made, and how Knight formed relationships in the very start of his career — even when he was selling shoes out of the trunk of his car.

There’s a load of information about the struggles Nike had (even before it was called Nike) with its image, sales, and especially legal troubles.

It’s a lengthy book, but I listened to almost all of it in one day. It’s so good.

Mr. Knight shares a lot of personal information, too, including the ups and downs of his marriage, and a heartbreaking story about his oldest son.

I really didn’t know anything about Nike or Knight before this, so I went into it with a blank slate. After reading it, I recommended it to my coworkers since it’s a story about business and ideas.

My boss actually said it was already in her queue and when we talked later, she said Mr. Knight and Nike has done a lot for the running community (she is currently training for the NY marathon)!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves true stories and business-type memoirs.

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