Affordable Headbands for Year-Round Style!

For the last year, I’ve been drooling over Lele Sadoughi headbands from afar. They’re fun and colorful, and often have cool patterns and even embellishments. But they’re also $65-$150 per headband.

I am not big on dupes (products that copy the style of a designer but for cheaper). I figure if I can’t afford the real thing, it’s just not meant to be. Plus, I don’t like buying cheap things just for the sake of it being cheap. I’m very against fast-fashion and I don’t want to think about the unethical reasons why a product is so cheap, you know?

But, I am pretty sure there’s not going to be a day when I can justify a headband that’s so expensive. So, I went on the hunt for more affordable options that did not support fast-fashion.

And, tah-dahhhhh, I found some!!

The Knotted Shop

This is an Etsy shop based in Canada and they have so many cute headbands! I actually bought five headbands (!) from this shop because, not only were they really cute and affordable, but they also had great reviews.

I got a denim knotted headband, braided velvet headband (in mustard), ribbed cotton knotted headband (in purple), top knot neon headband (in very hot pink), and a terry cloth knotted headband (in green).

I’ve worn the ribbed cotton and the terry cloth the most, mostly because they go well with my athleisure wear around the apartment 🙂 But they are really comfortable and cute!

The Museflowers

Another Etsy shop — it’s the best way to find cool stuff and support individual business owners, aside from shopping locally, of course 🙂 I came across this shop and, although they sell more than just hair accessories, the embroidery is so well done and looks luxurious!

There are different color stories to choose from so you could choose a look fit for any season, but you can also get a custom headband!

Calling Gala

Calling Gala is committed to eliminating plastic pollution in both products and packaging. Their headbands are designed to be a closet staple, long-lasting and with reusable packaging. Five percent of their annual sales are donated to The Great Global Cleanup.

They only have two styles: the Puff headband and the Flat headband and they only come in black. I got the Puff, and it’s simple, but so elegant (very Gossip Girl). Most importantly, it’s comfortable enough to wear all day, which I’ve found, is RARE.


NamJosh is an India-based accessories brand that’s part of the high-end fashion brand Namrata Joshipura. The hair accessories on this site are beautiful!

They have headbands that are detailed with a twist, beads, and other embellishments. They have turbans, too, which are soft headbands that go all the way around your head. These also have embellishments and look so cute. I’m shocked at the price points, which range from $40-$50.

Breezy Tee

This is a Black female-owned company I came across last summer when I was looking for brands to support. I got some scrunchies, but there’s all kinds of hair accessories to choose from — including silk-lined beanies! Check out the silk headbands for a casual, yet pull-together look!

Are you into headbands? Where have you found some cute, affordable ones?

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