Blanche’s Book Club: ‘If the Shoe Fits.’

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Since I’ve promised to myself that I’m working less this year (I am sticking to my full-time job and one freelance client, as opposed to loads of other work I was doing in 2021 and prior), I am already really enjoying the extra time I have to get comfy and just read.

It’s such a simple thing, but I never had time for it before. Probably half the books I read last year were actually audiobooks I listened to while cleaning or working.

My newfound pockets of time have me scouring my shelves for what to read next.

I bought this book last year, but finally took it off my shelf and cozied up to read it — it’s “If the Shoe Fits” by Julie Murphy.

If you’ve been here a while, you might know that everything Julie Murphy writes, I LOVE. She wrote “Dumplin'” and then “Puddin'” and “Pumpkin” — all fantastic. Her middle-grade novel, “Sweet Pea” had me in tears, hugging the book when I was done.

I’m telling you, Julie Murphy knows how to write a small-town tale with truly lovable characters, and “If the Shoe Fits” is no different.

In this story, Cindy has recently graduated from Parson’s (IYKYK), and on her flight back home, she meets a man fit to be a prince. She catches his name, but sadly that’s about it.

However, Cindy’s stepmom is a producer on a “Bachelor’-type dating show and gets Cindy a spot on the next season to hopefully launch her design career.

But, the “Bachelor” is the hottie from the plane… and he’s also the heir to a pretty famous fashion designer. Let the drama ensue.

This book had touches of “One to Watch” because it’s a curvier character on a dating reality show — pretty different than what we see on TV now.

I enjoyed this one because it does have a sweet side to it; a few touches of “Cinderella” — which I heard Julie Murphy got permission from Disney to do. I also noticed the cover of this book hints at a series, so now I’m curious what will come next.

I read this one quickly, and yes, a few parts of it made me cry. But I highly recommend it! It’s a feel-good story, especially if you’re into fashion and dating 🙂

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