A Review: Soul CBD Oil Drops.

Okay, I’m just plugging along through the week!

At the start of June, I vowed to make more of an effort to just… take care of myself. I know that’s something people say, but it’s very different when you actually put it into practice (whatever that means for you).

For me, truly caring for myself means making some sacrifices so I can put myself (mostly my health) first. I have to turn down work because, well, my blood pressure is high. And I need to eat healthy and take my vitamins.

And I also need to prioritize sleep so I can actually focus during waking hours and manage stress in a healthy manner.

That’s one reason why I’m excited to share today’s review on CBD Oil Drops by Soul CBD.

I’ve been using these for awhile so I feel like I can offer my true thoughts on them.

I have actually been trying all sorts of CBD products over the last two years. Some of them are beauty products, and some are ingested for pain or better sleep.

The first oral CBD I tried was from a local company here in Austin, and while I liked the idea of buying local, I didn’t think the CBD did much for me.

But, I suffer from general anxiety and — if you’ve been here for a bit — you know I have a SLEW of sleep problems.

So, I originally was looking for a CBD oil that would help me sleep.

I’d already heard of Soul CBD, but was still using my local stuff. But then Amanda Kloots (she was such an inspiration during the pandemic) had a code for Soul CBD and the brand was donating proceeds from purchases using her code to nurses at Cedars Sainai.

I made a purchase immediately and bought a bottle of the regular strength (they didn’t have other options at that time, more on this in a bit) CBD Oil Drops in peppermint and one of each of their CBD bath bombs.

I quickly used all the bath bombs — they were nice but I’m not sure I noticed much of a difference from other bath bombs, as far as the CBD part goes.

Then, I started using the CBD drops before bed and they definitely helped me fall asleep and get better rest. But then I started following Soul CBD on Instagram (@mysoulcbd) and saw how other people were using CBD. Some people used it during the day to ease pain and other people put a few drops in their coffee to help with anxiety.

This made me realize that, while CBD is good for sleep, there’s also tons of other stuff it can help with. So, I tried putting it in my coffee, but I really found that it helps calm me when I feel anxiety coming on. It also makes any anxiety-related tummy issues go away.

So now, I mostly use CBD to help with things during the day and I use an entirely different sleep aid at night.

One thing with CBD that I’m still learning about is the dosage. So, the “regular strength” is 500mg. I have heard people talk about how many milligrams of CBD (or other meds) they take, but never thought much of it.

The more I’ve taken CBD, I’ve learned that for this particular strength, I take 1.25 droppers if I want to get some sleep.

Well, one dropper-full is 1mL…which is equivalent to 1,000mg. So… I take 1,250mg of CBD. YIKES!!! I kid you not I just realized this a month or so ago…

And then, Soul CBD came out with different strengths of CBD Oils. They have 1000mg and even 1500 mg, which means that if I got a higher strength, I could use less. I am definitely going to try the higher strength on my next order!

If CBD Drops aren’t your thing, Soul CBD sells gummies, capsules, and relief cream. They even have pet products! I’ve purchased the capsules but haven’t tried them yet.

If you want to try Soul CBD, I have a code that will get you $20 off your order — shop here — I hope you find something you love!

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