Christmas Podcasts for the holiday week.

Christmas is right around the corner, and while, I won’t be able to completely indulge in all-things holiday just yet (I’ve got a few more deadlines to knock out), I am planning on doing everything I can to soak it all up before it’s over.

So, why not listen to some Christmas podcasts? I did some digging, and I was surprised to find so many out there… I picked my favorites for you.

“Christmas Past” | History

This podcast is essentially the backstory to all of your favorite holiday traditions. Learn about Mrs. Claus, mince meat pie, Poinsettias, and much more! This one has great reviews, and it sounds like you could learn a lot about the holiday.

“Bubbly Sesh” | Hallmark Chat 

This is the official podcast of the Hallmark Channel, so it’s not necessarily a Christmas podcast. However, I find myself only listening to it during the Countdown to Christmas season. Hosts Jacks and Shawl chat about the latest Hallmark movie, and they usually have a guest — whether it’s someone from the movie or a fellow Hallmark fan (a “Hallmarkie”).

“All Things Cozy” | Home Life 

Again, not a full-fledged Christmas podcast, but I thought this would be a good one for winter and as we move into 2021. This is a podcast based around… well, all things cozy: coffee, candles, snuggly blankets. In one episode this month, they discussed LGBTQ+ holiday films, and there’s an episode on cozy gifts.

Other topics include comforting fast food, baking, movies, and cocktails. I think I’ll be adding this one to my regular rotation! Plus, I love the little picture 🙂

“Welcome to Tinsel Town” | Audio drama 

If I understand this correctly, this is a holiday adventure movie, but in audio form! It was one of the first podcasts that came up when I searched for holiday audio. This is a podcast for the whole family, and it tells the story of Holly after she wishes on a Christmas Star… and ends up in Tinsel Town, where it’s Christmas every day. 

“Can’t Wait for Christmas” | Holiday obsessed

Hosted by comedian Tim Babb, this is a year-round celebration of all things Christmas. Dive into the movies, food, and traditions that make the holiday season special.   

“Tis the Podcast” | Christmas entertainment 

 This one is hosted by three self-proclaimed “Christmas Nerds” and they discuss all the Christmas movies and TV episodes. 

“Christmas Old Time Radio” | Classic Holiday

This is such a cool podcast! It’s literally old holiday radio shows.  There’s a Walt Disney and Friends episode from 1934, A Doris Day show from 1950… there’s so many. I’ll definitely be tuning in! 

“Chicks on Christmas Flicks” | Christmas movies

This is exactly what it sounds like, two ladies chattin’ about Christmas movies! But, they aren’t just talking about the classics — its Lifetime, Hallmark, BET, ABC, Netflix… all of it! 

Are there any seasonal podcasts you listen to?

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