Thredup winter picks!

It’s Black Friday and while I know the sales have been going on for weeks, I got loads of emails this morning with all sorts of sales and free gifts. Last year, I put together an ethical, feel-good guide for holiday shopping because I really wanted to focus on shopping small, buying from female-owned businesses, and supporting stores that also support causes I care about.

I’m still working on this year’s guide, but I know everyone will be shopping a lot this weekend. So, I wanted to share my ThredUp winter picks because 1. ThredUp is having a huge sale, and 2. it is a great place to get gifts that are affordable without supporting fast fashion.

Everything I’m sharing are items I’ve purchased and used this year, so I feel like I can speak to their quality 🙂

Designer Winter Accessories

I was eyeing this Kate Spade ear warmer/headband for a few days before I purchased it. You can’t sleep on stuff you see on ThredUp that you like — I was only hesitating because I have a larger head and sometimes hats and things don’t fit me right.

But this was so cute I couldn’t pass it up. When I got it, I was so impressed. I usually choose “new with tags” or “Like new” as filters when I’m shopping, and this one said it had a small stain. It was only the inside — a faded makeup spot — but looks new on the outside. I love this!

Layering Pieces

I’ve gotten a few body suits from ThredUp — this is a great category to buy new items — and I recently got this maroon one from Abercrombie.

It’s so soft and I love wearing it under flannel shirts with jeans or just around the house with sweatpants.

Cozy Loungewear

I’ll admit it, I follow too many influencers on Instagram that show off cute loungewear every single day. It’s easy to get tempted with their discount codes and smart styling. But this is another reason why I love ThredUp. They have affordabe loungewear that — unlike the ones from influencers — don’t support fast fashion and don’t hurt the environment. I bought these designer sweat pants “like new” and they are sooooo freaking soft. They have been a quarantine staple and I have 0 guilt about it.

Outerwear Basics

Winter weather is hit or miss in Austin, so items like puffer vests, scarves and hats can be useful. I got this black puffer vest from Gap last winter and wore it a ton in San Francisco. It looks new and I love wearing it with a fitted long-sleeve or even over a rain jacket, if needed. I just got this JCrew plaid scarf — new with tags — and it’s so festive.


Give me allll the boots. Only this year, I’ve probably been outside three whole times. Ugh. But, I cleaned out my closets earlier this year — like most of us did — and I made a list of everything I got rid of. I got rid of a pair of Ugg-like boots that I used to enjoy putting on before a yoga class, but the lining was torn and I’d had them for probably 10 years.

So I got on ThredUp and bought an actual pair of Uggs! They were in the “like new” category, $40, and they look brand new. I’ve never owned Uggs before and these are so comfortable! I’ve worn them to get my mail 🙂

Flannels & Sweaters

This is another category where influencers get me. When the Nordstrom sale rolls around, they all share about 15 flannels that everyone “needs” and then 30 neutral sweaters that are “so cozy”… catch me heading to and buying the exact same stuff, but for $8 and without supporting fast-fashion. Bam!


I can’t share the items I’ve purchased for gifts just yet — people are reading that I bought for — but you can absolutely buy gifts from ThredUp. I actually bought someone on my list a designer item from ThredUp in the “Like new” category, and another item that’s new with tags. Sure, you have to do a little digging sometimes, but it beats going to the store. Plus, I always feel good after I make a purchase.

NONE of this was sponsored — I just love ThredUp! I do have a $20 off coupon though, plus, catch their huge sale this weekend! Cheers!


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