Predictions for the ‘Saved By The Bell’ reboot.

It’s aaaaallllright… it’s alllright ’cause I’m saved by the bell!

Today is THE day guys — the “Saved by the Bell” reboot is on Peacock today, with all 10 episodes available now… and I am so looking forward to binging them this holiday weekend!

Earlier this year, I started watching a lot of TV shows I liked from my childhood. I found that nostalgia has helped me get through a lot of this year. So, I’ve been watching lots of “Saved by the Bell.”

Then, when I was looking for podcasts to listen to (for a road trip that I never got to take), I came across “Zack to the Future”, which is hosted by Mark-Paul Gosselaar and the head writer for the reboot. In the podcast, Zack is watching episodes of “Saved by the Bell” for the first time and together, they dissect the episodes.

If you’re a “Saved by the Bell” fan, I’d definitely recommend it. On a few of the episodes, Mark-Paul calls a few other stars from the original show.

Okay, so let’s get into this reboot. When we all first heard about it, there was some shadiness around the casting because Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessan weren’t slated for it. Ummm we are not doing this without Zack and Kelly!

But, don’t worry, they’re going to be in it — just not as much as Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley. Without anymore messing around, here are my thoughts:

Predictions on the “Saved by the Bell” reboot

  1. Zack Morris is a fine human being. From the trailer, Zack Morris is still as handsome as ever, but in this series, he’s the governor! He is married to Kelly and their kids go to Bayside. This should be interesting…
  2. Max is still serving up burgers at The Max. That’s right, the same Max is still working at that same restaurant we all want to eat at. And it’s still the cool place for all the kids to go after school.
  3. Slater is living in his glory days. AC Slater is a coach (and/or the athletic director) at Bayside. Because of course he is! He’s not married to Jessie, but… who knows what will happen there.
  4. Jessie is saving the planet. Jessie is an environmentalist — again, not surprising. It sounds like the writers did a great job of creating the futures of the group, which I love. I think her child also goes to Bayside; which is how everyone remains connected.
  5. Bayside Tigers are overachievers. In the trailer, there’s clips of the new class at Bayside and they are still doing the most. And it looks like the glee club is still there.
  6. We’re going to the sock hop. I saw a glimpse of a school dance… remember all the school dances at Bayside? Looks like times haven’t changed too much — even the Zack Morris time outs will make an appearance.
  7. Friends forever. There is a split-second clip of the ole gang singing “Friends Forever” because they know the audience too well. I mean can we go back to Malibu Sands, too??

I’m so excited to watch it! Of course, I’ll report back once I see all the episodes. Are you planning to watch it?

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