Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Logan likes Mary Anne’.

Tomorrow evening, the Babysitters-club Book Club that I’ve been meeting with is having its final meeting of the year — a virtual pizza party complete with trivia! 

It will be bittersweet, but I am looking forward to it. I still am not sure if the book club will meet next year, but I sure hope so. 

Book 10 is “Logan Likes Mary Anne!” and I already thought a few things were different about the title. For starters, Ann M. Martin put Logan’s name first even though the book is narrated by Mary Anne. Usually, the narrator’s name goes first. 

Secondly, is the exclamation point really necessary?? I mean… Mary Anne is a smart, kind young woman and she doesn’t need a man to give her an exclamation point! Hrmph. 

Anyway, you can guess what this book is about, I think. Over the summer months, Mary Anne developed a crush on a teen movie star named Cam. During the first week back at school, she’s gushing over the pictures of Cam in her locker when she thinks she see HIM in Stoneybrook Middle School! 

But… it’s actually a new kid named Logan who is just as cute as Cam. During lunch one day, Logan actually approaches the babysitters at their lunch table and he says he overheard them talking about babysitting. He used to babysit when he lived in Louisville.

The girls are stunned by his impressive looks and his “southern” accent, which Ann M. Martin tried to write out and I had so much second-hand embarrassment for her. Regardless, they invite him to a club meeting and when he actually shows up, none of them know how to act in front of a cute boy. 

They decide to test out his babysitting skills by sending him on a job with Mary Anne, which is how they start getting to know each other. Later, he asks her to go to the Remember September dance with her and she says yes but of course, freaks out about what to wear 🙂 

She has a few embarrassing moments later in the book — I promise, no spoilers — but in the end, everything turns out okay. Logan decides he doesn’t want to be a full-time member of the club, but they put him on as someone they’ll call when they need extra help. 

I still am not sure how I feel about Mary Anne; I think she’s hard to relate to, but this book made me recall my first dance, which was also in middle school and it was so much fun. 

Book 11 is “Kristy and the Snobs” – the title makes me laugh. 

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