Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Kristy’s Big Day’.

The Babysitters-Club online book club that I’ve been a part of only has two more meetings for now (stopping after book 11) — they mentioned taking a break for the holidays. 

I completely understand, but I’ll be sad for this part of my month (we meet twice per month) to go away, even if only for now. I know I have been trying so hard to find joy in things and I sure hate to see them go! 

But, if they pick it back up in 2021, I’ll be there — either way, I’ll probably continue to read the books. They really do remind me of parts of my childhood and it is very comforting right now. 

So, let’s jump into book 7: “Kristy’s Big Day“. I probably don’t have to point this out, but the title is hilarious to me because Kristy’s MOM is getting married, but yet it’s KRISTY’S big day — ha! 

Now we are in the point of the series where we’ve heard from all of the current members, so we’re looping back around in terms of POV. 

Kristy’s mom has been engaged to a millionaire (whoaaaaaa) named Watson for awhile, and they decide to move up the wedding because someone put an offer in on Kristy’s family home. 

So, they need to plan this wedding STAT so everyone can move into Watson’s home. As part of the wedding, Kristy is going to be a bridesmaid — this really excites all of the babysitters — and with all of the family coming in, the baby-sitters all get hired to wrangle them and it’s a good chunk of change. 

Everyone is excited. 

While I love this idea of Kristy’s mom marrying a millionaire and Kristy moving into a “mansion”, I just don’t like Kristy. Her POV books have been difficult for me. Is it because I relate to her the most? Am I like her the most?? I don’t know — I still haven’t figured out which Babysitter I’m most like. 

But this one wasn’t my favorite. 

Book no. 8 is “Boy-Crazy Stacey” — aaaahhhhh! 🙂 

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