Dealing with sexual harassment as a freelancer.

I am sharing a BONUS Patreon post today, which is two parts: half audio and half written.

Today, I’m sharing a recent experience I had with a client that ended because he sexually harassed me on a Zoom call. 

In the audio portion of the Patreon post (which is 51 minutes long), I’m sharing the entire story and reading a letter I wrote to this former client. In the written portion, I’m sharing some advice that was given to me on how to cope with this. 

I have also written out several things I am putting in place for my freelance business so I can protect myself in the future. 

I have chosen to share all of this on my Patreon to continue to protect myself from him and other predators. 

My Patreon posts are behind a small paywall because they are all educational and useful for those looking to start a blog, become a freelancer, or just learn more about digital marketing. 

I hope you’ll join me on the Patreon today to listen to my story. 

Once you become a Patron, you’ll unlock this post plus 35+ others. On top of that, I post new content each week!

See you there! 

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