2020 Presidential Debate BINGO!

Tomorrow is the first Presidential debate before the election — there are 3 Presidential debates and 1 Vice Presidential debate.

I don’t usually get too political on this blog, but I watched all of the debates leading up to Joe Biden’s nomination and I watched ALL of the DNC and ALL of the RNC… whew!

So, I am looking forward to these debates and I made several BINGO cards for the occasion.

I made them bipartisan (as much as I could) and each card has 25 squares: 1 free space + 24 spaces with current events and phrases we’ve all heard… you know the ones.

I’m giving away the mobile version of the BINGO card for FREE to anyone who signs up for my weekly email newsletter. If you’re already subscribed to the newsletter, don’t worry, you won’t get two newsletters. Still put in your email address to get it immediately and start the fun!

I also made 7 different printable BINGO cards: a Family Pack of 6 and a single one. I put the Family Pack on The Bitter Lemon Patreon, so anyone that joins gets the BINGO, plus 35 other posts!

Or, you can purchase either the single printable card and/or the Family Pack in my Digital Etsy Shop!

Either way, take this as your reminder to register to vote and get out there and VOTE as early as possible this year!

I will be working the polls on Election Day, but if you live in the Austin area and need a ride to the polls — email me. I’ll give you a lift, no questions asked.

Make your voice heard!

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