Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Mary Anne Saves the Day’.

It’s official, I would have been driving HOME from the beach yesterday, so today would have been a semi-normal Sunday, preparing for the week ahead. Which means I should probably stop moping around, right?? Hmm…

Well, we will see – Ha!

I am still trucking through The Babysitter’s Club books and it continues to be one of the tiny joys of 2020.

Book 4 in the series is “Mary Anne Saves the Day” which is the first book in the series that has Mary Anne as the narrator.

In the books prior to this one, we really get this one-sided view of Mary Anne and it’s that she’s sheltered and is a baby.

Of course, those things may be true, but I feel like this book really gives another side of Mary Anne. In this book, Mary Anne faces a Baby Sitting challenge when she has to take care of a very sick child, who ends up having to go to the hospital.

This challenge is interesting because she can’t get ahold of the child’s parents, but also… it forces Mary Anne to confront her dad about some of his strict rules — such as her not being able to babysit past 8 or 9.

By the end of this book, it’s like a whole new Mary Anne and it makes me like her so much more!

Book number 5 is “Dawn and the Impossible Three” — the first Dawn narration.

Did you read The Baby-Sitters Club books as a kid?

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