Currently drinking: Loverboy Spritz Mango Peach.

I was supposed to be at the beach all week, but it was washed away by Hurricane Sally. So… I’ve been at home, still, just as I have been all year, cooking a billion meals, running the dishwasher an annoying number of times, and not judging myself when I crave a 5pm cocktail.

At the start of lockdown, I sort of started a habit of ordering a bunch of stuff I hadn’t tried before… because what else was I doing? I ordered Loverboy’s new product: a Blueberry Lemon Spritz.

It was delicious! So, when they announced the new flavor: Mango Peach kissed with Chili, I was ON IT. Here’s the scoop:

A flirtatious twist on the not-too-sweet, bubbly spritz. Our ready-to-drink craft cocktail turns any occasion into a special occasion.

Ripe mangos and juicy peach give this chili pepper-kissed sparkling libation just a hint of sweetness, so it needs no added sugar. It’s pure Loverboy, just a little dressed up.


Carbonated water, orange wine, mango puree, natural flavors, citric acid.

If you’re a fan of Bravo’s “Summer House”, you probably already know that Loverboy was created by Kyle — an entrepreneur living in New York. His fiance, Amanda, and his friend Carl (both also on the show) work for Loverboy and they show up in the Hamptons every weekend with cases upon cases of their signature hard teas.

The hard teas — sold in Hibiscus Pom, White Tea Peach, & Black Tea Lemon — are known for being low in calories with no sugar. This means you can pound as many as you want and not feel guilty… and also not feel a hangover the next day.

This same idea was used for the Spritz — the Mango Peach is only 90 calories with 3 grams of carbs. Not bad.

As delicious as the teas sound, they are only sold in-store and right now there’s not any stores in Austin that sell them.

So I ordered the Mango Peach, and per usual, I was impressed with how quickly they arrived and in their beautiful packaging. They came in their signature skinny can with the matte labeling, only the Mango Peach flavor has a pretty pastel orange label.

I really, really love this flavor! It reminds me of a mango margarita and I’ve been adding the Trader Joe’s Chile Lime seasoning to it and wow, so delicious.

It’s perfect for summer of course, but even though summer is coming to a close, I’ll be drinking these until I’ve ran out… I already ordered their newest flavor, Passionfruit Guava. They just keep getting better and better!

What’s your go-to drink right now?

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  1. Anna Olave

    I was lucky to have tried both of these. Mango Peach is delicious, and would be perfect with brunch, and Blueberry Lemon is really fesh and summery!

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