A review: Ahava Natural Dead Sea Body Mud.

I ventured out yesterday to go to the dentist — I got x-rays and impressions for my permanent crown that will go on top of a post I got 3 months ago.

I swear… it’s been such a long time to get all of this dental work done! Last September, I broke a crown I’d had for awhile. So, I opted to get an implant, and it takes so long for each step to heal. But, this is the last step! In three weeks, I’ll have my crown on 🙂

In other news, I’m so excited to share my latest beauty product: the Ahava Natural Dead Sea Body Mud. Here’s the scoop:

Treat yourself to a premium spa experience at home with a body mud mask made to replenish nutrients and minerals while detoxifying the skin. Comprised of naturally healing silt from the Judean mountains, infused with the mineral-rich water of the Dead sea, making Dead Sea mud the most mineral rich mud on earth.

  • Experience improved microcirculation and natural detoxifying properties of a full body mud mask
  • Earth’s most mineral-rich mud removes dead skin cells while absorbing oil and environmental toxins
  • Replenish skin with 21 essential minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium

I have used several Ahava products: the hand cream, bath salts, facial peel and masks… and I saw this on sale at Ulta and realized that I’ve never tried a body mud.

So I bought a pack after seeing how great the reviews were. I tried it out one night, and literally put “Friends” on my iPad and then stood in my bathroom and applied the mud.

I let it sit for 10 minutes and then I soaked in the tub. It was fabulous! This is the REAL at-home spa experience!

You could certainly shower it off, but the soak was nice. One mud pack was enough for two applications. There are a few different ways you can use it, but I ran the pack under hot water for several seconds to warm it up before applying.

I cannot stress enough how amazing this stuff is! Especially right now when spas aren’t an option… make your own spa!

I found this article that has a list of at-home spa items you can buy for under $100 (for the entire list), so you can get yourself a sea sponge, and scrub off your body mud and go to bed with silk skin.

Have you tried body mud? I will definitely be adding this to my “regular purchase” list.

This beauty review is not sponsored — nor are any of the reviews on this blog. I am a beauty and skincare junkie and enjoy sharing the products I love right here! For more reviews and similar posts, please subscribe to the blog by clicking subscribe on the right side of your screen. Cheers!

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