Introducing: The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon!

Howdy! I have been working all week to finally bring you exclusive content on The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon!

What is a Patreon? It’s a channel behind a paywall that allows creatives to make exclusive content and an income 🙂 Truthfully, I have been telling my blogging students about Patreon for awhile now, but I was never quite sure what I’d use it for.

But over the last few months, I’ve realized there’s a gap in some of the services I offer. Yes, many of my blogging students sign up for 1:1 instruction or a consultation, but there are also students out there that may not be ready for a 1:1 for a multitude of reasons.

The Patreon platform is a way I can offer exclusive content to you — or to anyone interested — at an approachable price. The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon channel is loosely being called “Blogging & Books” because I want it to be a place where I can share blogging tips and tricks, but also share thoughts on all of the books I read!

The channel offers different benefits for different price points, ranging from $5-$17 per month, and you’ll have access to exclusive content, Q&As, livestreams, an online community, and I’ll always take requests if you want me to cover something specific.

Currently, there’s a short Welcome video so you can learn more about what you can expect as a member, and there’s also a video introducing me and how I came to be a Blogging Instructor.

There’s also a post on “Quarantine Entertainment: 2,500+ Virtual Tours, Exhibits & Performances” that I’ve put together — it’s definitely an impressive list that’s worth the $5 monthly fee.

I’ll be posting more content this month, including a post on how to stay creative during self-isolation and I have a stack of books to share thoughts on.

I truly hope you’ll join my Patreon community — I am excited to get to know everyone and bring educational, fun content to aspiring and seasoned bloggers.

Truthfully, I have always hoped (and wished and prayed) that I could make my living entirely off of creating my own content. However, I think I’ve held myself back from REALLY trying because I’m scared that I’ll fail.

My blog audience has changed over the years, because I have changed and the content that I share here has changed. It went from being a place where I shared a lot about dating failures and sometimes that juicy content really became popular.

But there came a point when I wasn’t being true to myself. So, when I stopped dating, I wasn’t really in a position to keep writing about it.

For years now, this blog has covered more about my life: cooking, TV, books, mental health… but a big part of my life is the craft of blogging, staying creative, and learning how to be a better writer.

I still get readers and subscribers everyday, and for that I am so thankful, but I also never know what really brings people here, and if they’d be willing to help me pay my bills in exchange for quality content.

So, this is me trying. There’s a real chance that no one signs up and I’d have spent lots of hours for zero dollars. But, I also know that I have to try, because if I don’t, the answer will always be no.

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope this can be a source of inspiration for you. If you’ve been holding back on doing something out of fear, what better time than now to take that leap?



  1. Jennifer Haley

    I’m in holly! I’m a big fan of yours and want to support you just as you have me! How do I sign up for Patreon ?? Much love ❤️ Jennifer >

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