A healthier, vegetarian version of McDonald’s Big Breakfast with pancakes.

We all made it to Saturday! I am normally not that person that counts down to the weekend, but these last few weeks have been rough due to some severe anxiety. However, I am feeling better today — I went to dance class and see a long, hot bath in my future — and I’m ready to share a yummy, weekend-worthy breakfast or brunch idea with you!

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been watching “McMillion$” on HBO, but a few weeks ago, I was really craving a McDonald’s Big Breakfast with pancakes… so good. However, I have really been trying to stick to a better diet, which means no meat (I mostly eat totally vegan).

So, I set out for the store in hopes of finding items that would help me prepare a healthier, vegetarian version of this yummy fast-food favorite.

Here’s what I got:

Organic cage-free eggs: I rarely get eggs, but when I do, I buy the cage-free farm eggs. I didn’t originally switch to a vegan diet because of animals, but it is something I care about more and more every day.

My at-Home version of the Big Breakfast with pancakes… don’t judge my nearly burned pancakes!

Cascading Farm Organic Root Vegetable Hashbrowns: A few years ago, I stayed with a friend and she was so excited to make hasbrowns just like they make at Waffle House — she had the potatoes, cheese, onions and mushrooms… it was delicious! I wasn’t sure what the options would be in the freezer section, so I was excited when I saw these, which have potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes — only 13g of carbs per serving! Of course, this doesn’t come in a fun hand-held shape, but you can cook them for as long as you want and make them nice and crispy.

Hilary’s Organic Spicy Veggie Meatless Breakfast Sausage: Hilary’s had several different sausage flavors, but I couldn’t resist the spicy one. These vegan sausage patties are gluten free, soy free, corn free and nut free…yes! These were more of a bean-patty texture, just FYI (I know it’s not everyone’s jam). They were flavorful and not overly spicy.

Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes in Cinnamon Oat: I’ve had pretty much EVERYTHING from Kodiak Cakes — they are all so good and packed with protein. These aren’t vegan (there’s milk protein and buttermilk powder in them) but obviously vegetarian. If you want more of the true McDonald’s pancake flavor, go for the buttermilk mix. You just need water to mix with these and they are so, so good.

Date Lady Pure Date Syrup: I was pretty excited when I saw this! Although there’s really nothing wrong with getting true maple syrup, this is made from 100% dates and nothing else. I was curious to find out what it would taste like and… it is so good! It’s naturally sweet and it doesn’t take much to make the pancakes a real treat.

I didn’t get anything to make the biscuit that usually comes with the McDonald’s Big Breakfast (I’ve never thought it tasted very good), so you could add that to your plate if you wanted. I ate mine with coffee and some fresh blueberries and it was a delicious, and fairly easy to make!

Do you make certain fast-food favorites at home?

This recipe is not sponsored — nor are any of the recipes on this blog. I am an amateur home chef and enjoy sharing the products and foodie finds I love right here! For more recipes and similar posts, please subscribe to the blog by clicking subscribe on the right side of your screen. Cheers!

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